Making Micro Happen – Year Round

I’ve been doing a lot of traveling this summer in the form of road-tripping across America to visit my family in Montana. I was not specifically looking for micro-units along the way — my mind was elsewhere. As I was driving through Billings, Montana, along the industrial sections just outside the city, I was shocked to see a lot full of micro-units. Not mobile homes, not travel trailers, both of which I had seen a lot of along the way. These were legitimate micro-homes. I noted the name of the company to look up later – Eco-Built Homes. Click here for their website.

From what I gather, they are both micro and mobile and can be used as low-cost, energy efficient housing and even emergency housing. But what is fascinating to me, and what I think touches on a valuable aspect of the micro-housing conversation, is that these particular units “function on the same energy in all 7 climate zones as 1 single family home.” WOW.

One of the most frequent questions I have been asked as a SCADpad resident, and one of the most frequent discussions I have had with those interested in SCADpad, has been about micro-living year-round, through all the seasons. Is it possible? Would it be claustrophobic in the winter when you don’t go outside as often? Would it even be energy efficient? It seems that this company has answered the question about winter: they make micro-units in MONTANA — where winters are covered in snow and it’s not uncommon for the temperature to drop to 20-50 degrees below zero at night. Their micro-units are actually energy efficient in such extreme conditions. Again, WOW. But that begs the question: can their unit handle a Southern summer efficiently too? 100 degree heat with 80% humidity calls for some serious A/C…

I’ve included the link here and in my blogroll on the right, where you can find links to other things SCADpad or micro-housing related. And if you missed the Today Show segment on SCADpad, you can view it here.


I’m Going to Be on TV!

Jenna Wolfe interviewing Dean Sottile and Samantha Wender taping.

Jenna Wolfe interviewing Dean Sottile and Samantha Wender taping.

I am back at SCADpad for a few days, and this time, it has been even more exciting. Yesterday, Jenna Wolfe and her producer Samantha Wender, with the Today Show, were here putting together a segment on SCADpad for the Weekend Edition of the Today Show, interviewing all three of us living in the SCADpads and Christian Sottile, Dean of Building Arts.


Yep that’s me with Jenna Wolfe!

Today, FOX will be here putting together a segment that will air on a new show in the fall. And me? I get to be on TV! As one of the interviewees, I give a tour of my SCADpad and talk about what it’s like to live in one of these units (pretty fantastic). I don’t know the air dates yet, but I’ll be sure to post when I find out!

(Sorry my photos were taken on my iphone, and for some reason they’re blurry?)

The group!

The group!