I was going to post next about the technology features of SCADpad, but then I ate lunch. And now, I have to tell everyone about the salad I just had.

Normally, I’m not a fan of salad. It’s something that’s just eaten with a meal, to get the day’s quota of leafy greens. No one ever finishes a meal and says, “well, the steak was ok, but that salad was unbelievable.” Honestly, who has ever had a memorable salad? A salad where one bite blows your life’s worth of eating experiences out of the water and is the most amazing thing to grace your tastebuds?

I have.

As part of the larger sustainability effort for the project, SCADpad has a community garden:

Community garden with both flowering and edible plants.

Community garden with both flowering and edible plants.

While the vegetables have yet to grow, the garden is full of herbs and edible leafy greens. I decided to harvest some lettuce and mustard greens. It really does not get much fresher than this:


For leaves so fresh and lovely, really the only way to fix them is with a simple vinaigrette — just olive oil and red wine vinegar. I had some leftover red onion I tossed in and voila, salad. Pretty and simple, right?

It was heaven on a handcrafted ceramic dish. The simplicity of the vinaigrette, the peppery bite of the mustard greens, a slight crunch with the onion. And the freshness of lettuce just brought in from the sun. It was so good I ate it all before I realized I forgot to take a picture. Which means only one thing: I’ll just have to make another one.


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