Traffic, Trucks and Trains

SCADpad Day 1! A fantastic day of exploring the spaces, attempting to cook, playing with the iPad that controls my lights and windows (and can apparently order food as my SCADpad-mate Rachel just informed me? Clearly I need to play more), and generally getting settled into SCADpad. I have so many things I want to talk about — many, many posts worth of things to document and discuss!

But first, we need to talk about last night.

I was worried that the noise of traffic would keep me awake all night being this close to the highway:


That is the view from my “front porch” (see Instagram feed on the right). Yeah, that’s the Downtown Connector. There is also an Amtrak Station just across the highway.

Surprisingly, it is not the noise that is abrasive about being so close to the highway. No, the sounds of the constant streams of cars is sort of soothing, a relaxing hum of traffic murmuring in the background. During the day, it creates almost a kind of sound cocoon that makes you feel like you’re removed from the city, though right on top of it at the same time — looking out over, into and on top of it. Even the train isn’t that bad when the driver blares his horn way too many times than necessary as it pulls into the station. No, it is not the noise. It’s the shaking.

Whenever a big truck enters the on-ramp that wraps around SCAD’s main campus right below my SCADpad, whenever a train rumbles into the Amtrak station just down the road, perhaps even whenever there is a big wind, my SCADpad shakes. I did not notice this until I had finally put away the iPad that controls my lights and windows (more on that later), climbed into my lofted, “hammock” bed, and was drifting off with that same heady feeling of falling asleep on Christmas night when you’re four years old and exhausted but exhilarated from all the day’s excitement. (Am I really in SCADpad? I’m really in SCADpad!)

And then my SCADpad shook me out of that state. I mean that in the most literal sense. The actual pod shook me awake. The actual pod was slightly shaking. From my lofted, hammock bed, it definitely felt like the earth was rumbling. This happened three or four times before I realized that it was not an earthquake, tornado, or unnaturally powerful wind, but my SCADpad shook slightly whenever a truck or a train went by. I asked my fellow SCADpad residents whether their pads shook last night, and they said no. I’m the only one with a lofted bed, so I think it has something to do with that, and the fact I’m in a parking deck.


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