Move In!

Question: What do you bring when you move into a box?

Answer: Not much.

Today, two SCAD students and I moved into our very own 135-square-foot units in the three-unit “SCADpad village” in the parking deck of SCAD Atlanta. Packing to move in was not all that difficult — just throw together a few days worth of clothing and food (in separate bags, of course). Figuring out where to put everything once I moved in?

Actually not that difficult!

I was blown away by 1. the beauty of my Europe-themed SCADpad, 2. all of the fun community spaces in the SCADpad area of the parking deck (more on that later), and 3. ALL OF THE STORAGE SPACE.

I’m a sucker for storage. When I moved to Atlanta, I chose an apartment solely based on the number of closets it had. Not exactly conducive to the “tiny life.” When I signed up for SCADpad, I welcomed the challenge of the “micro” life and realized that I needed to pack carefully.

But then I moved in.


Interior of SCADpad Europe: desk, bed, storage.

Do you see those? Those are drawers. Making up the my steps to my bed. And cubby holes. Next to and below my desk. And there are more drawers on the left. And I haven’t even gotten to the kitchen.

The designers already took care of figuring out how to store the kitchen supplies: dishes, cups, flatware, cooking utensils, cutting boards. Beyond the countertop, there’s not a lot of extra storage space in the kitchen, but I’m obsessed with the refrigerator. My pre-move in packet said each pod would have a mini-fridge. I assumed the normal college dorm kind.

This is so not your normal mini-fridge:

Do you see that? The minifridge is a DRAWER. (Also, that’s my kitchen. The other doors to the left hide my microwave, paper towels and miscellaneous cleaning supplies.)

As I said, I’m obsessed with storage. And my SCADpad has lots of it.

More to come!


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